The Book 

As a documentary filmmaker I spend quite some time working with people who live in extreme circumstances. Yet despite people's hardship, I am generally not overcome by strong emotions until I board the flight home. Why is that? Why not sooner?

In Why I Cry On Airplanes you will be taken on a visual flight around the globe to meet resilient human beings who live under challenging conditions. The book spans fifteen years of personal photography from all corners of the world. Most images have not before been published. These stories will not leave you untouched as you'll experience wonder, hope and admiration for the people portrayed.

As we go on our journey, the book's narrative explores the personal relationship I have with my work and wonders about the important emotional role of the flight home, which is much like a rite of passage to me. As such, this coffee table glossy art book is my most personal project to date.

Why I Cry On Airplanes will be available in November of 2019 and – thinking ahead – will make a meaningful Christmas gift for anyone. If you sign up for your copy before October 15th, your name will appear in the book, which will be autographed.

The book is expected to cost € 40,00. Payment is currently not required to reserve your copy.